Honesty: It's A Gift

THE DESIRE FOR CLOSENESS AND CONNECTION is at the root of all our pursuits in life. It’s the reason we marry, have children and seek friendships. It is the reason why we work so hard to cultivate all the relationships we hold dear. Yet, I wonder how many acknowledge honesty as the glue which bonds these highly sought-after connections.

Although universally valued, honesty may…

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Sorry Like You Mean It

THE TRICKY THING ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS is that we often hurt the ones we love. The problem is that humanity is a bit broken, and that means we have sharp edges.  History has proven we don’t get through life without, unfortunately, offending others unintentionally or otherwise.  The closer our contact, the more painful the experience as jagged edges of brokenness scratch and poke at the soft pink underbellies of those we cherish.  

It’s like trying to hug a porcupine.  Think of all those pointy quills! But if porcupines can reproduce without killing each other or swearing off mating season, we can certainly learn how to navigate the sharp-edged brokenness associated with the human condition.  Regardless of the dangers, we were created for connection.  Our families won’t thrive without it.

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Love and Divorce

WHEN THE STINGING THREAT OF DIVORCE becomes a harsh reality, the sacred terrain of marriage can freeze over into an icy battleground of pain and confusion.

Everything dedicated, worked for and believed in stares back with little to no recognition. Untold truths spill out, stripping away every illusion and expose an ugliness which cannot be unseen. The torrent of emotions which deluge mind and soul can sometimes feel like suffocation.

For the child who must cope with this crisis, divorce is worse than death. When goodbyes are said at the grave, he or she lives with the memory of someone who can no longer engage in the physical realm of our lives. But in the crossfires of divorce, while mom and dad are saying farewell to matrimony, the child’s greatest need is to…

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Communication for Cooperation

A well-intentioned mother speaks words of wise instruction expecting to be heard, acknowledged, and met with cooperation. When the only response from those she cares most about is a meaningless glance or flippant nod, it’s easy to understand why Mom might resort to modes of communication which are later regretted or that poorly display the dignity she desires to reflect.

A mile-long list of responsibilities, chores, and concerns weigh heavily on her mind, and so it’s no wonder…

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Our Gift In Time

Sparkling champagne, songs of celebration and the crystal-laden globe of New Year’s Eve festivities usher in a fresh year filled with hope and dreams. A clean, white slate invites each of us to author a new chapter in our parenting story where wrongs are made right, chaos is conquered, and life’s challenges feel a bit more surmountable.

The past serves as a brilliant teacher, enlightening us with new insights regarding old attitudes, mindsets, and perspectives. The desire to avoid repeating the mistakes of yesterday is a legitimate reason to pause and reflect, motivated by the resolve to do better in the days to come.

As you take a deep, cleansing breath and courageously script the next chapter of motherhood, determine to make this one a high point in the parenting journey. With the heartfelt longing of any mother to improve relationships and build stronger bonds, let’s consider ways in which you might step out of yesteryear and seize the opportunities which exist in the year ahead:

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Sleep: The Undervalued Commodity

The marching orders dutifully delivered to every mother as she steps out of the hospital and into the exciting world of motherhood is “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” What she’s not told is how to get the laundry done, the beds made, the kitchen swept or even how to take a shower while her little one is wide awake and crying for any number of reasons.

When the choices have to be made between getting the laundry done or taking a nap, for those of us who’ve put our family’s needs ahead of our own, it’s usually our sleep that’s going to be sacrificed. It’s expendable, and we can live without it, we tell ourselves. It comes so naturally to convince ourselves we’ll catch up eventually, or maybe just learn to live without it. Delirium can make you believe anything.

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Practice At Home

I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I’ve heard someone say, “The teachers at school say my child is perfectly well behaved and gets along fine with her peers, and yet home life is a series of battles on a daily basis!”  

Why do children behave well for others and yet show remarkable resistance to being cooperative at home?

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