Sunday Parenting Classes

These classes are designed to allow for group discussions in order to discover that many parents face similar challenges. With the guidance of a parenting coach during these discussions, parents are able to gain clarity and tools in order to achieve peace and honor in the home. Worksheets and take-home materials are offered to implement the tools immediately upon returning home.



Upper Montclair

What’s discussed

Class Topics


A Sunday Parenting Class provides an opportunity to explore strategies and insights on a specific challenge while hearing from others who can relate to your struggles. If you're not ready for one-to-one sessions, Sunday Parenting Classes are a great way to explore the A, B, C's of the topic presented. If you don’t see the topic you are looking for in the catalog, feel free to send a note to request a topic.


Growth Group for Grandmas

Discover practical ways to support and positively impact the life of your adult child and grandchild.

Hear from others who are also exploring this new season of life during an interactive 1-hour group discussion. Learn how you can take this incredible season of life to a whole new level of joy and satisfaction!


A few Q+As…


What should I expect?

Parenting classes are held in the Upper Montclair Office every Sunday and are designed to facilitate group discussions and participation, so each class has no more than eight attendees. Following a few minutes of introductions, a one-hour discussion of the given topic is discussed. Light refreshments and take home materials are provided. Street parking and paid-lots are available within walking distance of the office. Classes are $30.00 per person/$50 per couple and due upon arrival.

Who is invited?

Anybody with children, who work with children, or is a family or friend of somebody with a child! Childcare is not available for parenting classes.

How do I sign up?

Reservations are required for parenting classes. Click on the “Sign Up” button and find the date and topic that interests you!