The Baby Years

Babies are sheer miracles, whose brains are gathering data faster than anyone can possibly imagine. Every little sound, smell, color, texture, voice intonation and expression are being recorded and cataloged for the duration of life. Pure genius!

:: Avoid Frustrated Parenting

Parenting is hard work and frustration can easily set in with less than desirable results. This introductory workshop focuses on common parenting challenges and explores the ABC's of good communication, the privilege to responsibility ratio, and how to respond rather than react before frustration has a chance to set in. 

The Toddler Years

I can’t help but smile as I think about toddlers. They are incredible little scientists with nothing to distract them from exploring the world and engaging it. I can’t imagine there is anything more exciting in all of life than to explore and experiment with no other responsibility!

:: Minimizing Meltdowns

Embarrassing and sometimes scary! Learn to recognize an emotional meltdown from a logical meltdown and discover how to deal with them according to the type. Learn why they happen and dramatically reduce the episodes. Get the upper hand on meltdowns before they get the upper hand on you.

:: Cultivating Cooperation

Yelling? Nagging? Bribing? These coercive parenting methods can happen with our children several times a day. Learn communication skills that create peace and honor in the family. Discover the strategies that take parenting from tiring or draining to exciting, uniting and team building! This event covers creating a new dialogue, action points, and building the proper foundation for a peaceful home.

The School Years

School-aged kids…they’re smart, creative, energetic, filled with potential and inwardly quite eager to be under the leadership of competent parents!

:: Resolving Sibling Rivalry

Learn why children battle for first place in the family dynamic. Discover what's at the heart of their battle. Take home new techniques that can be implemented immediately so you can resolve the challenge once and for all. Prevent stressful relationships from forming at home with this valuable introductory topic discussion.