Coach Loyla Louvis, AACC

Loyla Louvis, AACC, Certified Professional Parenting & Life Coach

parenting & life coach, mother and friend…

Mothers In Training, LLC is dedicated to eliminating frustration, exhaustion, and confusion in the parenting journey so you can better enjoy the day-to-day of motherhood. Through coaching sessions, parenting classes, speaking events, and writing, Coach Loyla offers valuable insights which help parents find effective ways to resolve conflict, create peace in the home, and build stronger bonds within the family.

This is how I became a parent coach:

As a young single parent with no real strategy or role model, I was no stranger to the challenges some families face today. The journey started off on a rocky road. Broken relationships set the stage for a marriage destined for disaster and heartache. Divorced at the age of 24, with a sweet little child to care for, single parenting and long hours of work consumed daily life. Those days were riddled with financial concerns, health issues, loneliness and a growing sense of despair.

Those early years were the starting point on a long journey of exploration. We all start with a dream filled with excitement and wonder, but when the stress of life begins to creep into the home, we tend to react rather than respond. Excitement and hope can fade as disappointments find their way into relationships. It soon became apparent to me that others would benefit from my observation, studying, training, and passion.

After years of helping others resolve parenting challenges, and receiving encouragement from like minded professionals, Mothers In Training, LLC became a reality in 2010. I am a wife, a mother to three sons and a daughter, a Certified Life and Parenting Coach from the American Association of Christian Counselors, a public speaker, a homeschooling mom, and teacher to home-schooled children in the tri-state area for over 19 years. It is my privilege and honor to walk side by side with parents…it’s a calling on my life. All the events of my lifetime find their meaning and purpose in that those experiences have equipped me to help others organically and authentically.


Loyla Louvis

"Loyla is incredible. She truly cares about your situation and is wonderfully patient. Her ability to customize solutions for each child based on their needs has been so appreciated, and my children are responding very well. I highly recommend sitting down for a consultation whether looking for behavior management or simply need advice for parenting. I'm so thankful for Loyla!" -Former client, Northern NJ

"Thank you for sharing your  'Parenting Toolbox' with us. Your message gave us invaluable insights as to how to be a better parent. We truly appreciate your willingness to share your time and wisdom with our group. We were blessed to have you here."
-The MOPS team, North Jersey

"Loyla, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to  meet with me. Our discussion helped to open my eyes to both homeschooling and parenting...(My daughter and I) have had many chats that focused on all you shared. I am sure there will be bumps in the road, but I feel more empowered and confident to face them. Again, thank you. It was a pleasure!"
-Danielle, Wayne, New Jersey

“Loyla is an amazing, wise and gifted parenting coach and speaker. She breaks the overwhelming job of motherhood into manageable pieces so you feel like you can immediately take action and have success. I may come to her discouraged and disillusioned but after any session with her I feel excited and ready to dust myself off and go at it again! She is not a judge- she is an encourager and motivator. She has experience, wisdom and a deep knowledge of the emotional and biological inner workings of a growing child.” -Nina, Bloomfield, New Jersey