Practice At Home

I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MANY TIMES I’ve heard someone say, “The teachers at school say my child is perfectly well behaved and gets along fine with her peers, and yet home life is a series of battles on a daily basis!”  

Why do children behave well for others and yet show remarkable resistance to being cooperative at home?

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Be Transparent

Kids need to know you are human. You can tell them you’re not sure what the best decision is and that you’re doing your best, if that's the case. You're not going to lose their respect just because you're being honest and authentic.  

You can say you’re sorry when you realize you’ve made a mistake. Don't feel the need to be perfect. Take that pressure off yourself and let your kids see that you are human, just like them! 

It's a journey and you are all in this thing together. Your position in the home is not based on performance. You acquired the position as parent the day you brought your child into the world.  
Growing into your role takes time. When the family takes the journey together, everyone gets an equal dose of mercy and grace.

Establishing Your Authority

It all starts the day we bring our little bundle of life home from the hospital. At the start of the journey, we hold that fragile little person in our arms and wonder if we have what it takes to be a parent. Every little decision we make sets the stage for that day or week, or even that year. It’s scary and exhilarating to have so much power and control. It’s an overwhelming privilege and responsibility that goes unprotested for about 18 months. Of course, there are the battles over eating, sleeping and changing diapers that must be dealt with early on, but a new piece of the puzzle comes to the table around 18 months or so and adds a challenge we may not have been prepared for. Independence!

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While the Clay is Wet...

How much time do you have to influence your child? This isn't a question any new parent takes the time to think about, generally speaking. I'm not sure many seasoned parents take the time to consider this question either, but it's an extremely important one though.  As the old adage goes: "The days are  long, but the years are short."  Time is definitely a commodity, a precious resource, and what you do with it will determine your quality of life at home.

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