Overcoming the Toxic Mindset of Mom Guilt

I WATCHED WITH AMAZEMENT as that little pregnancy stick revealed a positive in the indicator window. I was going to be a mama, and I was so excited. During the nine months that followed, I did everything possible to make sure I would be the best mom ever.

I read all the books, did all the research, took all the vitamins, and ate all the right foods. I did everything required to be an amazing mom. And when the baby came, he was perfect. I thought life would be so perfect. I was ready to be the ideal mom.

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Solid Strategies for Parenting Through the Teen Years

YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY, and you're dedicated. But you also know that parenting a teen or tweenager is hard work.

Everybody says the attitude is normal, just deal with it. But how do you get through the day-to-day of parenting? How do you keep things from escalating? How do you maintain your cool in the moment?

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Strategies For A Nice September Day

THE SUMMER MOOD HAS SAILED and September rushes in its autumn vibe. School assignments and work schedules now compete for everyone’s attention. Mother and child both scramble to acclimate to a quicker tempo.

Chaotic emotions often characterize this academic month with its new opportunities and higher expectations. A pleasant state of mind may seem unsustainable with all the busyness, but the wise mother will always find a way. 

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Excerpt taken from ‘Mother Matters’ article first published in the Montclair Local News, written by Parenting Coach & Columnist, Loyla Louvis, AACC.