The Surprising Truth About Summer Boredom

A MIDSUMMER’S DAY and Mom is tired. The kids have tons of energy and want something to do, something they haven’t done before.

The only vacation scheduled for this season is still weeks away. If Mom doesn’t come up with something exciting soon, boredom will set in.

We all know what happens when kids have nothing to do. They annoy each other. Or worse yet, one may settle for simply annoying YOU!

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Discover The Anchor Of Communication

THE ROUGHEST WAVES OF OCEAN FARE are no threat for the ship secured by an anchor. Properly employed, this steely hunk of crafted metal delves speedily through an underwater world of plant life and sea creatures to find its destination. In order to stabilize its craft above, it wedges uncompromisingly into a seabed of mud and clay.

Anchors, however, have another application that only the wise will understand and employ:

not all anchors are made of metal, and not all storms brew at sea.

In the turbulence of busyness and personal agendas, it may not take much for a mother to communicate with her child in such a way that weighty messages are cast over the threshold of her lips, anchoring themselves in the depths of her little one’s heart.

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Excerpt taken from ‘Mother Matters’ article first published in the Montclair Local News, written by Parenting Coach & Columnist, Loyla Louvis, AACC.

Super Nap And Sleep Time Tips For New Moms

Let's talk about nap and sleep training. This delightful part of the day is a life saver for every mom's schedule. Encouraging a period of rest doesn't even require a little one to be sleepy! The downtime is beneficial physically and emotionally for the entire family when it is routine and predictable.

Children aren't born with an internal clock that matches the world around them. Therefore, it's a mother’s saving grace to get everyone sleeping or resting on the same schedule…

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Parenting Strategies For A Summer At Home

A GENTLE BREEZE ACCOMPANIES WARM RAYS of sunshine as the school year comes to a close. Excitement builds as winter clothes are packed away and plans for school graduation now take center stage. Children eagerly anticipate the summer months and wonder what adventures lie ahead.

For the busy mother whose to-do list is endless, little will change as the academic year concludes. The demands upon her time and energy are not regulated by seasons or the school calendar. Summer break may not hold the same level of excitement as it does for little ones. The mental creativity required to bring satisfaction to an expectant child may feel daunting for a weary mom!

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Excerpt taken from ‘Mother Matters’ article first published in the Montclair Local News, written by Parenting Coach & Columnist, Loyla Louvis, AACC.

Honesty: It's A Gift

THE DESIRE FOR CLOSENESS AND CONNECTION is at the root of all our pursuits in life. It’s the reason we marry, have children and seek friendships. It is the reason why we work so hard to cultivate all the relationships we hold dear. Yet, I wonder how many acknowledge honesty as the glue which bonds these highly sought-after connections.

Although universally valued, honesty may…

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