Loyla Louvis, AACC (left) and Marci Hopkins of Wake Up With Marci

Loyla Louvis, AACC (left) and Marci Hopkins of Wake Up With Marci

Interview with Marci Hopkins of wake Up with marci

As a guest on the Wake Up With Marci show, Coach Loyla shares the story of her challenging journey which set the stage for a life mission of coaching moms and empowering families.

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Mothers In Training is helping families by customizing parenting strategies so that they fit the unique nature of each child within the family…quick and effective results are achieved by simply taking into account the way your child thinks!




When you have children, you will need to adjust your ideas about a fairy tale life. Here are some tips from Loyla Louvis in her latest article, "Creating A Happily-Ever-After Family":https://www.montclairlocal.news/2019/03/26/mother-matters-fairy-tale-montclair-nj/

Start with positive thinking to encourage your kids to be kind all year round, not just at random times, writes Loyla Louvis in this March 2019 article, "Encouraging The Courtesy Of Kindness":https://www.montclairlocal.news/2019/03/03/mother-matters-kindness-montclair-nj/

Deep within the heart of every child is a desire to do good, writes Loyla Louvis. Here are some tips to help them, even when they misbehave in this February 2019 article, "Help Kids Tap Into Good Intentions":https://www.montclairlocal.news/2019/02/03/mother-matters-good-intentions-montclair-nj/

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For a happy holiday, moms need to take care of themselves. Loyla Louvis provides tips for getting the family to help out in this December 2018 article, "For Happy Holidays, Stay Happy":https://www.montclairlocal.news/2018/12/02/mother-matters-family/

Say goodbye to the summer and prepare for a new school year with ideas from parenting expert Loyla Louvis in this month’s 'The Wayne HomeTown News' August 2018 article "Goodbye Summer. Hello Class." page 8: https://www.mypaperonline.com/zone-15-august-28-2018.html



Podcast host of “Theology For the Rest of Us” Kenny Ortiz talks with Parenting & Life Coach Loyla Louvis about common misconceptions when raising a family: https://youtu.be/aFxdbUMMscs