Strategies For A Nice September Day

THE SUMMER MOOD HAS SAILED and September rushes in its autumn vibe. School assignments and work schedules now compete for everyone’s attention. Mother and child both scramble to acclimate to a quicker tempo.

Chaotic emotions often characterize this academic month with its new opportunities and higher expectations. A pleasant state of mind may seem unsustainable with all the busyness, but the wise mother will always find a way. 

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Excerpt taken from ‘Mother Matters’ article first published in the Montclair Local News, written by Parenting Coach & Columnist, Loyla Louvis, AACC.

The Surprising Truth About Summer Boredom

A MIDSUMMER’S DAY and Mom is tired. The kids have tons of energy and want something to do, something they haven’t done before.

The only vacation scheduled for this season is still weeks away. If Mom doesn’t come up with something exciting soon, boredom will set in.

We all know what happens when kids have nothing to do. They annoy each other. Or worse yet, one may settle for simply annoying YOU!

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